paste image from clipboard

Michelangelo Cofrancesco Araúj 11 years ago in General updated 11 years ago 2

It would be a good thing to be able to paste images copied from other apps (such like Safari or Photoshop Touch) to the clipboard into any folder... Thanks !!

You should be able to save the image to the photo library and then use the "+" button in Textastic to add the image file to a folder in Textastic. Did you try that?

Yes, that's the way i've done it before, but in some apps it's long to save to photo library (in PS you need to save them twice before), and when i'm using a huge amount of files it can be a lot of time wasted... Since i've seen that i can copy selections in ps directly without saving every picture (good when i'm extracting parts of a psd of a web) it could be very useful in my opinion... Anyway, it's still the best app of my iPad, congratulations!