Can we have tabs?

Cristiano Martins 12 years ago updated by Grégory Prince 12 years ago 3
It would be much easier to go through the most used files... The current way is really not the most effective. That's what is bothering me the most. I do really like the app though, nice job.
Magic! Very space efficient mate, nicely done! :D

Keep up the good work :)
Despite the fact that using gestures should be favored on a multi-touch device, I continually think that Tabbed control is more user friendly than a "tap" gesture and a history list of files. 

This, because that, in many cases, juste one tap (on the tab) is nedded the switch between files and, also, because it would be more usable to copy/past from one file to an other.

However, the history list is need when the number of tab is higher than the one can be displayed.

So, could you think about a mixin : Giving tabbed control and, in case of a higher number of opened files, a list of undisplayed tabs. So no more of one or two "tap" would be needed to switch between files.