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Textastic already has a Move: add ability to move to iCloud!

fjpoblam 10 years ago in General updated 10 years ago 5
I've purchased Textastic for all my Apple devices—iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Mini, and MacBook Pro. It'd certainly be nice, on the go, to be able to use the advantage of iCloud to update my many files "in unison" without having to FTP-download updates to locally-stored files! I'd move all those local files to iCloud. However, currently, I see Move, but I see no way to specify iCloud as the target. Add it!
Under review
You can already move files (not folder) to iCloud. Just make sure you only select files and don't select a folder before tapping the Move button.
Doesn't work for me. Selected files. Selected Move. Was prompted to select Folder. Navigated to appropriate iCloud folder. Selected. Nada.
Hmm. Which part doesn't work? Do you see iCloud as an option in the folder selection screen?

I just tried it on my device and it worked.
For some odd reason (as far as my iPad was concerned) the iCloud folders I created didn't show up until I placed something in them... A token file, perhaps. I went to my MBP and used Finder to copy a file to each of my Textastic folders (I have one per website maintained) and now all is well. Thanks for your kind attention, and sorry to bug you.
Maybe I should simplify/bypass the problem by FTP-downloading to iCloud (as it were).