Textastic is not asking for confirmation when overwriting a file online on FTP servers

Mathias Placho 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 9
This would be great.


Fixed for Textastic 2.2
Actually, Textastic always checks if a file upload would overwrite remote files before uploading. If not, then this is probably a bug. What kind of remote server are you connecting to for which it doesn't ask for confirmation?
I am connected to a ftp server and tried it again: no confirmation request.
Neither in the ftp screen nor in the file screen "diese datei hochladen".

I dont think that my server is something special: www.simplease.at
 I've just tried it on my own ftp server and you are right. I have introduced a bug when implementing SFTP. Textastic didn't correctly check if a file already existed on FTP server.

I have fixed the issue for the next update.

Thank you for reporting this!
I can also delete remote files without confirmation.
It only asks for permission when you want to delete more than one file.
I think it would be much better to also ask for permission when i am going to delete one file.
Well, to delete a file you already have to follow these steps:

- select exactly one file
- tap on the right most button in the toolbar
- tap on the red "delete selected" button

I don't want to display an additional confirmation that you really want to delete this one file.
I think it could still happen that somebody accidentally deletes a file.
Fixed for Textastic 2.2
Thats great, thank you!