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EC2 Support

Aaran 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 4
Add support for EC2 SFTP (it uses a pem file as a private key) 
<3 this idea
Bought this app forgetting about the whole pem thing and now I'm groping around trying to figure out how to get this to work...
You could try this tip from the manual:

Puttygen should also be able to load the .pem file using the Conversions - Import Key menu item.

"Textastic expects the key file to be in the format used by the OpenSSH utility "ssh-keygen". If you instead have a key in PuTTY's format (.ppk), you can use PuTTYgen to convert it to OpenSSH format:

Visit the PuTTY website and download puttygen.exe (on your PC). Open it, and using the File menu, load your .ppk that you already use, and type in your passphrase. Now go to the Conversions menu and export the key as an OpenSSH key. You can now use the converted key with Textastic."

It should be even easier with ssh-keygen.

You can use a command line like this to import (-i) your pem file and convert to OpenSSH format:

ssh-keygen -i -f infile.pem > outfile