An option to allow zooming or not

Timo 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 8
I would appreciate if there is an option in the settings to turn zooming off. Sometimes I am zooming accidentally

That nerves me :-)

It's just a little on/off switch

Of the rest, greate application!
How do you zoom accidentally? I want to add as few settings as possible.
Sometime if I scroll through my code. And then is a pain to pinch it up to 100% again. I never want to zoom in my code. Mostly if it's to small ill change the font size. The iPad 3 is so sharp that there is no need for that. Yes you might think "and what about the ipad1/2 users?". Me as a user don't care I don't want to zoom.

I assume that you have a trivial cause why you implemented zooming. But I don't understand why. At my productive Mac on my table I never use zooming.

I hope you will understand opinion
I use it to quickly navigate in a large file: zoom down to 25% to get an overview of the file. Then zoom in to the part you want to edit. The zoom snaps to 100%, so it should be relatively easy to do.
Yes I know the snapping. But I have to do it. That the annoying part
Here could be another feature request. You are familiar with Xcode code navigation. The is a drop down to see and navigate to all the methods in the file.

Maybe this gives the user a nice overview? I know there is a difference between visual overview and the drop down overview thing. But what about that?
This already exists in the form of the symbol list.
Actually, so you dont want to add my requested "feature"? Or cant you follow my opinion?
I'll consider it. It just never happened to me that I accidentally started zooming.