How does auto indent work?

Philipp Grümmer 13 years ago updated by Paul Durao 9 years ago 4
Hi, i've been looking for the auto indent feature but was unable to find it, does it only work for certain languages or does it also indent HTML, since that's what I intent to indent :)
Thank you!
Actually, it just looks at the previous line when you press enter and inserts the same amount of tabs and spaces in the new line.

I plan to make this more sophisticated in a future version. For example, it should increase the indent level when entering "{" in C code.
Ha! I meant "tabbing" of course!

in emacs when u press tab it indents to the correct indentation, but this means the tab key needs to be visible amd overloaded to do this

No matter where the indentation is tab will correct it like say an if then else etc

Alex, it would be great if you could add the same intelligent gabbing to actionScript. Thanks!