Search in Preview mode

Colin Wirt 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 3
I'd like to be able to search for text in Preview mode.

The app switches back to Code view when I tap the search toolbar button
What exactly do you need this for? If I would implement it, it would only do search and no replace because replacing does require doing this in code.
Yep -- I understand replace would be best limited to Code mode only.

What I'm doing is exporting OPML from a mind mapping app that lacks a search feature. The markup is poorly formed -- no line breaks or indenting, so I can only see the hierarchy of nodes in Preview mode.

So, I'd like to use the search feature to find text in the outline rendered in Preview mode, without switching to code view which is not indented.

(I could use search in code view if it was possible to reformat xml-like documents with well formed indenting.)
I have a more sensible workaround suitable for searching OPML now -> the free app Nodebook is great for that purpose, so this is lower priority for my purposes now.