Is Evernote supported or not?

Andres F. Cathalifaud 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 3
I tried to send a simple HTML file to Evernote (the option is there) and I got a message telling me that I had no App that could handle that type of file ....
I just tried to reproduce this: I installed EverNote on my iPad. Now I could open an HTML file in Textastic, tap on the action button and choose "Open In...". In this menu, iOS lists all apps that register itself in the system as being able to open this specific file. Then I chose "Evernote" from this menu and the file was opened in EverNote.

The system determines which apps appear in the "Open In..." menu. Each app can tell iOS which files it supports. It seems like Evernote registers itself for the necessary file types, so I could open css, txt and html files from Textastic in Evernote.

Which part didn't work for you? Did you make sure that your file has the correct file extension (.html)?
Thanks so much. Your intuition about the file extension was right. I am not used to add extensions so I forgot to do it. Evernote did not know what to do with a file called "index". Once I added the ext. all went well. Thanks again!
Great to hear that it worked!