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Hope to add VIM simulation

chuancong 14 years ago updated by Piotr Wodziński 1 year ago 9 1 duplicate
It would be great to have an option for VIM simulation in this app. Another row of buttons could be added to the keyboard containing keys like ESC and others frequently used in VIM. Since this app is mainly used for coding, having a VIM mode which does not requir e any touch on the text would be great for efficiency.
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So, Alexander do you know when you could add vim simulation support to iPad version? 

Actually, Vim is ported to iOS, but it is not as useful, as Textastic.
This port is opensource, so may be it will help you in any way, to implement Vim modes — it would be sooo great!

I would love to see this as well! The Vim iOS port is terrible.

Yessss, this please.


Ya know. ESC is not needed. On American English keyboards Control-[ does the trick (and should be how everyone uses VIM anyway since it is far easier to type and better on carpel tunnel risks). This is particularly important when working from an iPad with e Zagg or other BT keyboard since there is no escape key at all. Just creating the simulated input modes and selector navigation would not be that hard and has been added to everything from Sublime, to Atom, to CodeCombat.com. Despite what many say, VIM is still the dominant editor on the planet for programming and system administration and the only editor gauranteed to be on every UNIX/Linux system


I'll necro this thread to make the same request. There's an open source vim app for iOS that has been available for a bit now. I tend to use it myself on my iOS device when editing personal notes / work. 

I really think adding vim support to this app could help cement it further as the go to standard for text editing on iOS devices. You would be supporting a large developer community. If you support SSH like you do now, I don't see why catering to the same caliber of a technical user base, wouldn't support adoption of this app ;)


I use Vim Mode in almost all my desktop code editors. It makes text editing so much more efficient. I would absolutely love for this add-on to be implemented in Textastic.