Erlang syntax highlighting broken if a comment appears in the file.

KeyboardJockey 14 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 14 years ago 2
Erlang comments being with a % character on a line. After the first comment line in a file, all subsequent lines have the comment color, even if they are not comments. For example:

% This is a comment
my_function() ->
    X = 25,

Put this in a file and try it with and without the comment line to observe the behavior I described above.
Version 1.2
Erlang only has a single line comment that starts with "%", right?

For some reason, the syntax definition file also had "%" as the start character of a multiline comment. I've removed that.
Correct. I just double checked in Joe Armstrong's book on Erlang. Comments begin with the first unquoted % character and extend to the end of the line. There are no block comments.