Processing support

Florian Voigt 14 years ago updated by Hans Gerwitz 12 years ago 1
I know that drives textastic far, far away from being a code/text editor,

but it'd be nice to see some sort of processing integration. (http://processing.org/)

It'd be cool to code and run processing stuff on the iPad. I dont know how this would work with apples restrictions on what can be run on the iPad, but maybe it would have a chance since it's javascript-ish.
Processing.js is a lot more mature than when this request was first made.  It should now be possible to preview by embedding into straightforward template, less complicated than even Markdown.

It's silly that Codify got so much attention for Lua scripting on-device, when Textastic  +Processing.js would be more powerful, more capable, and allow saving code off-device.