Textastic expects the key file to be in the format used by the OpenSSH utility "ssh-keygen".

You can convert your ppk file to OpenSSH format using puttygen. According to the article at http://leadingedgescripts.co.uk/server-administration/how-to-convert-your-putty-ppk-private-key-to-a-normal-ssh-key-you-can-use-on-an-apple-mac/ you have to do this:

"Now if you already have a .ppk file from your PC that you want to convert to use on your Mac you need to visit the Putty Website www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html and download puttygen.exe (on your PC) now open it, and using the File menu, load your .ppk that you already use, and type in your pass phrase.

Now go to the Conversions menu and export the key as an OpenSSH key – hey presto – you now have a key file that will work on your Mac! Such a simple solution, yet that took me so long to figure out …"

I hope this helps.


BTW, there shoukd be an easy way to import a comment into a file in textastic

Sorry, can you please clarify what you mean by that?

If you are talking about the comments in this feedback forum, you can just copy it in Safari and paste it in Textastic, can't you?

you should cut and paste this into your manual
I've added it to my todo list. I will add it to the manual.
what i thought wanted confirmation befor going through the process, thanks!