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Ryu 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 8 years ago 29
I am looking for a source code editor app for my iPhone.
I think Textastic is the best app that works on iOS 4 in this category.
Textastic iPhone version will be great.


Agreed, not sure why this wasn't a Universal app to begin with.
I 2nd this aswell. A Iphone version would be a great additon well worth paying for.
It's not just a question of shrinking stuff down to make it a universal app--he'd have to rethink the UI from scratch to work on a much smaller screen. I'd rather he spend the time really making the iPad version a pro app.
With a standard bluetooth keyboard as comes with most iMacs, this app would do very well on an iPhone !! And it would be the most portable solution for on-the-go programming ever! So please implement this!
+1. I'd definitely pay for a decent text editor on iPhone.
Good luck with this Alexander! If you succeed I think you should have this as a separate app to get additional income. This is not an easy undertaking because of the resolution of the iPhone.
While we are waiting for an iPhone version, can anyone recommend a text editor with search and replace capabilities?
Textastic does have search and replace: tap on the loupe icon and then on "Find and Replace".

Edit: ah, you probably meant an iPhone text editor with search & replace, sorry.
I just bought the ipad version as an incentive for you to create it for iPhone since I love my iPhone and returned my iPad on day 1.
You can put out an iPhone version with a swipe menu. The same one implemented by Steam and Path for iPhone. There is open source code on GitHub for this solution. It allows you to pack in content without crowding the user.
Just bought your app for the iPad. Please tell me you'll update this to be universal. It would make my life so much easier! Excellent work!
Yes please, an iOS version would be amazing. I'd prefer universal, but even as a separate app.
Are you seriously telling me, that you prefer coding on iPhone rather then on iPad or Mac?
Even if you design a new UI, would you really want to code on that screen?

Is anyone really using the iWork for iOS Apps to CREATE new Documents?
The point is that the iPhone is always in your pocket while the iPad is not. So if the only thing you have with you is an iPhone and your boss calls you to fix an issue on the website: with an iPhone version you could.
Well, that's true, but I guess your boss will give you a minute to grab your iPad. But, If you create an iPhone version, I don't have a problem with it. just no sure how often I'm really going to use it.
But in this case iCloud Support would be nice, so that all your settings are synced between your iPad and iPhone.
I was talking about when you are on the road, far away from your iPad. There are also people who don't have an iPad. :)
Exactly, I've spent a large amount of time looking for a decent solution for coding on the go and I haven't found anything good enough to use (especially when looking for ftp support without sacrificing formatting). While I don't have the second problem anymore, the first seems to happen way too often. It'd be nice to see an app of this quality make its way over to my other device so I'm never too far away to work with my files. The iPhone is a terrible device for coding, but Textastic would make it waaaaay better ;)
+ 1 for an iPhone app!
I'm currently using G***o for coding on my iPhone as it's the only real option for iPhone. Textastic on iPhone would be awesome - even as a separate app. 

Another use-case, atleast for me, is being able to get ideas down in code when they come to me when I'm out and about.
So glad to hear iPhone development has started! I've been holding off on buying another product. As others have said, this is one thing that I would be willing to pay separately for.
I do plan to offer the iPhone version as a separate app. There are a few problems I'll need to solve, but the editor is already working well. It should be available in a few weeks.

I submitted the iPhone version to Apple 10 days ago. I hope Apple approves it this week.

You can find the website with screenshots of the iPhone version of Textastic at http://www.textasticapp.com/iphone.html

There is also an updated manual available at http://www.textasticapp.com/iphone/manual/


The iPhone version of Textastic is available on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/textastic-code-editor-for-iphone/id550156166?mt=8

You can find the website with screenshots of the iPhone version of Textastic at http://www.textasticapp.com/iphone.html

There is also an updated manual available at http://www.textasticapp.com/iphone/manual/