No files are listed when using FTP.

pascalforum 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 1
Browsing starts normally and when I arrive in a folder containing 29 files and 22 subfolders nothing is displayed. Some folders/files have long names.
Would it be possible to give me access to the FTP server so I can try to reproduce the issue? If yes, please send me an email.

Another possibility would be to wait for Textastic 2.1. This version is currently in review at Apple and I fixed some FTP issues there.

It could be a problem with character encoding – there is an option for character encoding for FTP connection in version 2.1 – Textastic 2.0 always uses UTF-8. Are there any files with unusual characters in the folder?

I also added a feature in 2.1 that allows you to write a debug log so I will be able to find out more by having a look at the log file.