Please add support for .erb files

Matt Hamel 14 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 14 years ago 3
I currently open my ruby files from goodreader to textastic to view them but because .erb files are not supported, I cannot view them. Also if would be awesome if u could integrate into the open in feature of Dropbox.
I'm not a Ruby user myself, so can you tell me more about .erb files? Which syntax highlighter should it use? HTML? Ruby?

I've just added the extension to the list of file extensions Textastic can open, but it won't be syntax highlighted yet.

The Open In... dialog is provided by the system. Actually, Dropbox has to tell the system which files it supports, so it's up to them to add this to their app.

But, Textastic 2.0 will have a built-in Dropbox client, so this shouldn't be a problem anymore.
I am not positive but I am pretty sure that the .erb files, such as index.html.erb are highlighted very closely to .rhtml files. I have renamed some of mine so that i could use this highlighting which has worked well. Just so I could pick out the lines that are ruby, denoted by "<% ... %>" and "<%= ... %>". I think there was just a shift in naming conventions between the different versions of ruby. Thanks
The article at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2936326/what-is-the-difference-between-erb-rhtml-and-html-erb seems to confirm that.

I've added the erb extension to the rhtml syntax definition.