Large files

Marco Cecchetti 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 4
How much large can an edited file be without slow down responsiveness ?  I think of something like a javascript file with 20,000 line of code
20.000 lines shouldn't be a problem. Just be sure to use an iPad 2 or a 3rd generation iPad because it has much more RAM than the 1st generation iPad. 

It's also important that the file is not minified - very long lines without line breaks are more problematic than a large number of lines.
Well, that's a good news! :)

"A very long line" is a fuzzy definition, could you be more clear ? Is a line made up of 200 characters too long ? Btw, is it possible to set up the monospace font size ?

Some other issue I'm interested in:
What about auto indent, indent/unindent block of code, smart Home, smart End, comment/uncomment block of code features ? Can I configure the editor to use only white spaces instead of tab characters ? That is tab is automatically substituted by the correct (and configurable) number of  white spaces.

Changing subject, what is the state of JavaScript support ? Is there any support for source code navigation and symbol search ? (For instance in some IDE if I CTRL+left click on a fucntion/method symbol I jump to the function/method definition)

-- Marco
Long would be more like 10000 characters in a line. 200 characters is no problem. Yes, you can change the font size.

You can indent and unindent code. Block-commenting is currently not supported. 

Soft tabs (spaces in instead of characters) are fully supported.

There is a symbol list for JavaScript that allows you to jump to functions. Textastic also has code completion support for JavaScript.
Thanks, for clarifying such points. :-)