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Format code option

Shae Strachan 9 years ago updated by simdude 2 months ago 5 1 duplicate
A lot of my code is minified and makes it almost impossible to read using this app.

I usually just use the code formatting option in dreamweaver then minifiy it when im done.

So, I guess I am requesting 2 options.

1. automatic code formatting

2. minify code option

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totally agree - the ability to format code is a HUGE omission, love to see it added in a future version. Without this its not really a usable tool ( too fiddly)

Any update on this? I would love this feature to be added to Textastic. Something that I've wanted since 2015 :D

It looks like Textastic still does not support formatting code, correct? I love this editor but this is a huge feature to be missing. I'm experimenting with moving more development to an iPad Pro and Textastic and Working Copy have been two critical tools but I will have to investigate some other editing options until (or if) this feature ever gets implemented.

Under review

I will not be able to provide this for all supported languages. What would be the main use case for you? Would supporting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript be a good start ?

That would work great for myself. With vim, selecting all text and hitting "=" reindents all the code. But I'm not familiar with the differences in how vim and Textastic handle language modes.