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Format code option

Shae Strachan 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 4 years ago 8 1 duplicate
A lot of my code is minified and makes it almost impossible to read using this app.

I usually just use the code formatting option in dreamweaver then minifiy it when im done.

So, I guess I am requesting 2 options.

1. automatic code formatting

2. minify code option
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totally agree - the ability to format code is a HUGE omission, love to see it added in a future version. Without this its not really a usable tool ( too fiddly)

Any update on this? I would love this feature to be added to Textastic. Something that I've wanted since 2015 :D

It looks like Textastic still does not support formatting code, correct? I love this editor but this is a huge feature to be missing. I'm experimenting with moving more development to an iPad Pro and Textastic and Working Copy have been two critical tools but I will have to investigate some other editing options until (or if) this feature ever gets implemented.

Under review

I will not be able to provide this for all supported languages. What would be the main use case for you? Would supporting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript be a good start ?


Yes, javascript/ecmascript/typescript, html, and css would be a good start for formatting, for my purposes.

Thank you for TexTastic. I use it with WorldCopy on iPad 12.9, and the amount of other good programming editors like Visual Code is at best, lacking.

That would work great for myself. With vim, selecting all text and hitting "=" reindents all the code. But I'm not familiar with the differences in how vim and Textastic handle language modes.

Is this possible today? I wish there was a button that you could press to auto-format

It's not yet possible in the current version, sorry.