Macro definition

Graeme Ambler 11 years ago in General updated by Luke Mason 8 years ago 3

Just started using textastic and it really is a great app, with well thought out and beautifully implemented features.  The one thing it is missing which makes it unsuitable for anything other than small projects or minor edits is the inability to define and then use macros by recording a sequence of keystrokes/searches/etc and then allowing these to be repeated by selecting the macro.  Even the ability to define a single macro quickly in this way can help speed things up, and the ability to save a few can transform the editing experience.

While it is not the same, Textastic does support TextExpander touch. Did you have a look at this?

Yes, I've looked at TextExpander but it serves a far lesser function than a proper macro definition function so wasn't really what I was looking for. Great work by the way, textastic is a truly great app.

I'd like macro's to use for converting JavaScript to bookmarklets and back.