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Cannot distinguish long file/directory names

Herman Hilberink 9 years ago in General updated 9 years ago 2
As in renaming or moving files, make it possible to always view naming in auto fit mode instead of the length being truncated
Under review
So would you like to have the font size shrinked until it fits?
Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: I'm really happy with the possibility to view my software projects in Textastic, my iPad's primary choice.
Each project constitute of long naming, like: 'com.mycompany.app.data.sql.persistence.version2.test.java'.
When filenames or directories differ only a very short part of it, I cannot distinguish between them anymore. So guessing is the only option.
My request is to please make it possible to toggle name viewing font size in the dir/filelist pane, either by shrinking or by extending the pane-size.