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Editing imported files

Stibiu 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 4
I've found a strange problem when I am trying to edit a file imported from the other app through "Open in". Any modification of such imported files gives me a "Cocoa error 513" and all changes get rejected. Also in app's local files menu appears new folder called "Inbox" that for some reason can't be deleted. But imported files any way go to the root of local files despite going to that inbox folder.
All files created directly in app's editor work fine, the problem only occurs with imported files.
Under review

the Inbox folder is created when you use "Open In" to open a file from another app in Textastic. Unfortunately, in recent iOS versions, once created by the system, this folder can't be deleted by the user. I'll consider hiding this folder in future releases of the app.

Textastic moves files from the Inbox folder to the root folder and tries to delete the Inbox folder (which fails since iOS 7). In earlier iOS versions, the user wouldn't see the Inbox folder at all.

I haven't seen the Cocoa error 513 issue before. On my iPad I can edit files that were imported with "Open In" (and are now in the root folder) just fine. I just confirmed this by opening an HTML file from the Dropbox app in Textastic and editing it. Which iOS version are you using?

I am using the last one (7.1.2).
I was trying to open files from Mega cloud app. Even a simple text file with a couple of characters downloaded from there gets failed to be edited after import. But the same file is read and written well in other editor apps. From the other side, when I import files created in those editors to Textastic, all works well as it should (chain import "Mega->some editor (even modified here)->Textastic" still failes).
I'll try to reproduce it with the app you mentioned. Is it this one? https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/mega/id706857885?mt=8