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Search Google (alternately using highlighted text)

Wayne Walrath 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 1

I am constantly looking-up functions or doing research while coding.

Suggest (in the style of the new feature for in-app previewing of HTML files) to support the following:

- When text is highlighted, button on the contextual popups to search for text at Google (yahoo, bing, etc....I'm happy with google alone); should be sensitive to the amount of text selected -- more than a half dozen tokens doesn't make sense for a search engine lookup.
Editor window would flip from code view to UIWebView and performs the search.

- Alternately, with no code highlighted, ability to pull up Google search page and enter a manual search.

- State should be maintained in the WebView so that I have access to the browser pane's history (go back at least), and when switching to the webview, it's exactly where I left it when last viewed.

- If file being viewed is PHP code, offer "lookup in PHP documentation". Similar support for other languages as appropriate.

With the remote preview feature you could just enter any url in the url bar. From there you could use google.
I personally would not want e same button do something else, just because you highlighted some text.