Set default file for preview

Jarrod Oberto 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 2
Most of the work I do in Textastic is javascript. I have multiple JS files and 1 index.html.

It would be nice if there was an option so whenever I press the preview button it always previews the index.html rather than the currently edited file. At the moment I need to always switch back to the index, preview, then switch back to my file.

A nice way for this to work is maybe if you press and hold the preview button, an option to preview another file (possibly one I've nominated as my preview file) is shown.

You can already do that: just enter the name in the address field in the preview browser and hit return. Textastic will use that file for all subsequent previews. 

Do you have the latest version of Textastic installed?
Thanks for answering this. Works well.