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MEL support?

Lee Zhen Yong 12 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 10 years ago 6
Is MEL support as in Maya Embedded Language? and if it is then why is there no syntax highlighting and ANSI encoding?
Yes, MEL as in Maya Embedded Language is supported. Try to choose the correct syntax definition in the File Properties popover. It seems to use the same "as" file extension as ActionScript, so you'll have to select the syntax definition manually the first time.

If the correct character encoding is not detected automatically, you can choose a character encoding by tapping-and-holding the file and choosing "Open with Encoding".
I need select syntax definition the first time? Haha... Sry didn't read the manual...

Anyways you didn't have ANSI support. Or it is because ANSI goes by a different name? I did try setting it to ASCII but it keeps returning to UTF-8 encoding... Which is not supported by maya
According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII), "Windows 1252" is also known as "ANSI". So try the "Western (Windows Latin 1, CP 1252)" encoding.
wow... it works! thanks! I noticed now when you type "textastic mel" on google this post will come up first, so hopefully future mel coders who face this problem can find the solution here :D
having MEL Support in Textastic is great. 
I have just one minor request. The correct file extension for MEL is actually .mel and not .as. It would be great if this could be changed in a future update. 

Under review
The problem is that .as is already used by ActionScript (Flash), which is probably the more popular language. If you select MEL manually from the syntax definition list for a .as file, all .as files will use this syntax definitions in the future.