Add Template Files

Nevets 13 years ago updated by Anne Brown 13 years ago 4
When creating a new file there should be an option to select a template. The template is then copied to the new file location and the user can start editing it. These templates could be stored in a special Templates folder to witch the user can add new/custom templates. The template folder can be devided in sub-folders by category or programming language.

PS: This idea can also be applyed to the project ideas of other users (Project Templates)
You can easily create a folder called "templates" yourself and put all your template files in there. If you want to create a new file from a template, just switch to the template folder and copy the file. Copying files is described in the manual at http://www.textasticapp.com/manual/lessons/How_can_I_move__copy_and_rename_files_and_folders.html
Ok, thats what I am doing for the moment. But for other users it can be helpfull if an HTML, C# Class, C# Interface, ... template was already shipped with the App. Maybe I can send you some templates.
Well, of course, I'd love to have a look at them. You are right, other editors like Dreamweaver have an extensive set of template files.
Did you try TextExpander? I bought it for use with Textastic but now use it with other apps. It will do what you need.