I know VB is supported, but what about vbs (Visual Basic Script)

Pedro Reyes 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 12 years ago 5
I work tons with Visual Basic Scripts, and it would be great to have the syntax and reserved words highlighted like in VB
Can the devs confirm that vb is supported? I didn't see it on the supported languages list found here

I don't see VB as being supported. I would like it to be tho if possible. 

You could try to use the "ASP vb.NET" syntax highlighting definition. You can select this definition in the File Properties popover after you opened the file. 

I wanted to purchase this app so bad, but I see vbscript isnt supported.  Is this planned?  I know this thread brings up the topic but there wasn't an answer....
There is no support for VBS, sorry, but the "ASP vb.NET" syntax definition might be better than nothing in this case, too.