Is there are way to keep the WebDAV server active after opening a program like Pages?

jimkyser 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 1
What I want to be able to do is use Textastic to gain access to my files stored in Dropbox or on an FTP server. Most of these files will be text/programming files. Some of them will be .doc files that I would like to open in Pages. Opening is no problem with the 'Open In...' menu item. But when I want to save them the Textastic WebDAV server is no longer running since I opened Pages and I can't save the file back. I would be great if the WebDAV server was still available, though I don't know if that's possible in iOS.
I can't run the WebDAV server in the background because of Apple's limitations.

These are the services that are allowed to run:

* audio - The application plays audible content to the user while in the background.
* location - The application keeps users informed of their location, even while running in the background.
* voip - The application provides the ability for the user to make phone calls using an Internet connection.
* Task completion—applications can ask the system for extra time to complete a given task. (max. 10 minutes)

Since a web server doesn't fall into any of those categories, I need to shut it down when you leave the app.