Support for Typescript

Palama 11 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 6 years ago 11

You can add custom syntax definitions to Textastic by using TextMate bundles. See


A quick search for "typescript tmbundle" in Google brought up this TextMate bundle which should work:


(you need to replace the symbolic link at TypeScript.tmBundle/Syntaxes/typescript.tmLanguage with the actual file though...)


Would still be nice if this was one of the built in definitions.

is there built in typescript syntax highlight? I'm kinda thinking about purchasing app, but writing in typescript is my main goal, so I've got to know

Under review

It's not built-in at the moment, but searching for "typescript tmbundle" as described in another post in this topic brings up several TypeScript syntax definitions that you can install.

We are talking about iOS version of textastic for iPad, yes?


I started using Textastic an hour ago, trying to make typescript (at least) syntax to work. Every one or another tmLanguage file do not work, even tmLanguage files from Microsoft repository. Several .tmbundle folders/files are obsolete for ~4 years already.

Is there any chance that ts support can be added to textastic and even with something like autocompletion/etc?

Is it even possible on iOS?

Me to, tryed different Sources without luck, TypeScript is Important These days, at least syntax highlighting would be nice

Tryed https://github.com/gredman/TypeScript.tmbundle, syntax hl worked.

1. Create folder in #textastic TypeScript.tmBundle

2. Move info.plist and Syntaxes Folder into it 

Is there any chance to support code completion (also of user defined functions/classes)?


Textastic 7 now has built-in TypeScript syntax highlighting.