sftp public key should ask for password

Peer Stritzinger 13 years ago updated by Ben Bass 11 years ago 4
The whole point in having a ssh private key encrypted with a password is that its not revealed when the file is exposed.

Since I have to store the key ipassword in the connection my iPad has the key and the password stored.

I'f I let the password field empty I'd expect that I would be asked for the key password when connecting, but what happens is that the connection doesn't work.

If his feature is added, having configurable flags when the key will be forgotten would be great, e.g. when app is backgrounded, on screen lock, after configurable timeout separately configurable would be very nice.

Currently I have to remove all passwords from all used sftp connections after use which is a bit of a nuisance and also error prone.
This is on my todo list.

The password is stored in the iOS keychain, so it is stored rather safely.
Good to hear. BTW great app, just gave you a 5star review.

As an additional note, related to key security, it would be nice if I could somehow hide the ssh directory. I realize that without my password it's of limited value, but I still feel odd having a visible directory in which someone can view my private key file.

Is this still on a todo list ? I've just had my first need for this feature, and agree that it feels a bit odd. E.g. in Prompt (SSH client) two things make this better: the key is 'deleted' (presumably copied to somewhere internal / not user visible) after import, and secondly the user can be prompted to provide a passphrase each time a connection has been made. I guess this is just echoing earlier comments, but it does feel a bit primitive / dirty without it, and I'm not overly comfortable using it for SFTP for that reason, which is a shame.