automatically add the next bullet on enter in markdown

Richard Sugg 12 years ago updated by Austin Drummond 7 years ago 4
I think it would be really helpful when editing (multi)markdown documents to automatically continue bullets. If I'm in a list and hit enter at the end of an item in the list, let Textastic automatically indent to the same level, add the same symbol I'm using for bullets, and put another space. So if I have

    * item 1
    * item 2

and hit enter, I get

    * item 1
    * item 2

I'm not sure if that's a good idea. In an editor like Word, you can remove the automatically inserted bullet point by tapping a second time. This behavior would need to be added too. 

I fear that many users would not want the app to automatically insert bullet points like that.
So this isn't something that could be accomplished (and configured) in the #Textastic folder in a way similar to autocomplete brackets or something?
With the currently available features no, sorry.

Is there anyway you can make this a configurable setting users can opt into for only markdown files? This would make composing msrkdown on Textastic much better