crashes on large copy/cut paste operations

Bars Yazc 14 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 14 years ago 8
Thx for the great app first of all.

Running 3.2.1 on ipad 3G
App crashed several times back to back while trying to select large amounts of text to be cut/copied to another location. I was able to replicate it a few times as well.
How large was the text you tried to copy? Can you give me an estimate on the number of characters or lines?

I assume you ran into a memory limit with the undo manager. Currently I don't check the text size when doing copy/paste.
I tried to "select" about 75-80 lines and as soon as I stopped the selection the app would crash to springboard. Sometimes it crashed after I hit the copy button.
Hrmm, that's odd, in my tests I copied much bigger text without problems (a few thousand lines). Which iOS version is this?

But, I already fixed a crash that would happen when you are at the very end of the file and choose "Select" in the context menu. This will be fixed in the next update.
I think I found the problem. It should be fixed in the next update.
Did the update fix your issues?
I tried to create the previous crash but was unavailable to do so. I think its fixed:)