Add toggle button to disable keyboard input

Gareth Watts 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 2
I like to use Textastic as a syntax highlighted code reader, but find that it's easy to accidentally tap the screen instead of scroll which then pops up the on-screen keyboard.

It's easy to dismiss the keyboard' but it becomes a little frustrating after a while, thus it'd be great if there was a toggle at the top of the screen that would lock the app in "view mode" and disable accidental triggering of the keyboard
Please go to the app's settings and enable the "Read-only" setting. I think this is what you are looking for.

Also, in the next version the keyboard will only come up if you lift your finger from the touch screen without having moved it (instead of after a few milliseconds while the finger is still on the screen but hasn't moved yet). This makes it much harder to accidentally show the keyboard.
Aha - not sure how I missed the read-only setting - Not quite as convenient as an on-screen toggle, but certainly good enough for my needs.

Sounds like your next update may render it unnecessary anyway

Thanks for the quick response!