Dropbox in 2.2

jONEz 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 1
Is there something wrong with the Dropbox support in the latest release? I've never had this issue before, but now when I download files the transfer window doesn't run through every file. It does the first few then stops updating the progress bars. I tried deleting everything from my device in case it was an issue with the local storage and it still happens. As far as I can tell it is downloading everything, but I haven't checked every file.

Before it would run through the list and show progress bars for each file. Now it does the first few then the GUI stops updating and closes after about 15s. I'm transferring about 200 files (most are only 5KB or less).

I'm using an iPad2 on WiFi.
I haven't changed anything for Dropbox connections in this release. But, I also had this issue in earlier versions of Textastic when downloading many small files. Dropbox doesn't give me progress information when the files are very small, but there also is an issue with GUI updates I have yet to figure out why this happens.

Thanks for reporting this.