webdav crashes with space in directory name

TimH 13 years ago updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 13 years ago 12
I can connect fine to a webdav server but whenever I try to navigate to a folder that has a space in the name the app crashes- no problem navigating to folders with no spaces.
I didn't have this problem with my own folders that have spaces in them. Which server software are you running? Do you just have to go into a folder to make it crash or do you have to download or upload files?
As soon as you tap the folder to access it. Boom. 
It is for webdav  access to a confluence wiki server run by a university. (UM med school)

The program crashes the moment you try to navigate to a directory with a space.  As long as you touch directories with no space you can keep navigating the tree and open text files within in them.

For what it's worth, I can navigate the same directory tree in GoodReader using the webdav connection, regardless of the presence or absence of spaces in directory names.

 I did find an advisory in the institution's help pages which may make you feel like not investing too much time looking into it.
"WebDAV integration isn't working very well with Confluence at the moment. There is an issue with the way that the Confluence WebDAV implementation interacts with the Netscaler appliance that placed in front of all UMMS applications. This message will be removed once the issue has been resolved."
But as I say it works fine with GoodReader which is why I asked if there was a simple explanation, as it does make the app somewhat less useful to me.
I have this exact problem trying to access directories on my ISS network Webdav drive. It is incredibly annoying. Please fix this.

The server is a laptop, running Windows 7 Professional. I'm using IIS to host specific directories on this drive to the network. 

I can access the directories no problem with Readdle. 
Are you sure that this only happens with spaces in the folder name?

I've recently discovered another error that results in a crash when the WebDAV server doesn't send a ContentLength header. This error happens as soon as you try to download a file.

Same issue occurs with folder names that contain {}[]#

I'll try to setup a test system with Windows 7 and IIS WebDAV. Do you have a link to installation instructions you followed? Just to make sure I'm using the same configuration.
Thanks, I'll try to find out what's going on.

or  $€¥

and again.... NO ISSUE accessing directories with file names such as this using Readdle. 


Any updates?
Hello, I could reproduce the problem and have fixed the bug. It will be included in the next update.

Some background information:
IIS returns full URLs in its PROPFIND responses instead of relative paths like other WebDAV servers. This is handled by the WebDAV code, but I forgot to escape characters when the server returns paths in this way.

So for example a space character should become "%20", but that code part was missing. That's why it did work for URLs that had no characters in them that needed to be escaped but didn't work for paths with special characters.