Crashes when I start typing fast

Charlie Wilson (CaptainBlastXD 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 7
When I start typing fast tr crashes on my iphone 4, I will try later on my iphone 5 and iPad 4th gen and see if it still crashes. I think it's my old bulky iphone 4
What kind of files are you editing when this happens? Are you typing with an external keyboard or with the one-screen keyboard?
One screen keyboard, and in editing .cpp file. It's my old iphone, my iPad dosnt crash
There was a crash under iOS 7 which was fixed in the latest iPad update. I plan to release an update of the iPhone version in a few weeks. This should fix the problem on your device.
Stupid auto correct I meant anyone again?
Yea I remember my iPad app crashing around a month ago to