Textastic is a text, code and markup editor for iPad and iPhone with rich support for syntax highlighting, FTP, SFTP and Dropbox. It will continue to be actively developed to provide you with the features you need to get your work done.

In order to achieve this, we would appreciate any and all feedback on challenges encountered when using Textastic.

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"Failed initialization" error, SFTP

marc.kaepke 3 years ago in iPad • updated 2 years ago 2
application server output "fatal: Unable to negotiate a key exchange method [preauth]"
OpenSSH_6.6.1p1 Ubuntu-8, OpenSSL 1.0.1f 6 Jan 2014
Ubuntu 14.10

connection with other clients is possible, but textastic returns an error

My HTML is not linking to my CSS

Tom Boyce 5 years ago in iPad • updated by orca498 4 years ago 9

My HTML is not linking to my CSS for some reason. I have them in the same folder, and have put <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"/> and have named the css file style.css, but when I preview the html the css is not showing up


Can you add a link so the flies can open in the iPad Safari app?

jase coverdale 4 years ago in iPad • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 4 years ago 5
When I select open with I would like the option of opening in safari.  When I am writing code with jquery-ui eg a drag and drop file it won't work when I try to test it from the app, if I upload via Dropbox and open the file in a web browser it works fine.  But that defeats the object of using the app!  

When does Textastic close an SFTP connection

peezee 5 years ago in iPad • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 0

It'd be helpful to know when Textastic closes an SFTP connection once you're done with a task. When you switch away from an app. Force it to close? Put the iPad to sleep?


Connections are closed after each file transfer (upload/download). If you are just browsing directories, the connections are kept open to speed up the process.

You can set the maximum amount of concurrent connections in the connection's settings screen - the default is 3.


Expanding a snippet sometimes does not refresh current line

Maurice Zoliker 4 years ago in iPad • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 4 years ago 0
Sometimes, when I expand a suggested snippet, the current line is not updated. To see the modifications, I need to go up to that line and type something for the entire line to get refreshed.

Could you please do something? Thanks!

Occurs on iPad Mini iOS 6.1.3 & iPad Mini Retina iOS 7.0.3

Solaris only sftp access to the file name does not appear.

Eungsang Kim 5 years ago in iPad • updated 5 years ago 2

FreeBSD, Linux sftp connection to display the file name is no problem.

Solaris only, no name will not be displayed.

I'm using Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris.

With sftp access using other apps on the iPad, the file name looks normal.

What should I do?

Attached to the screen capture.


problem replacing character with accented character using BT keyboard

Urban Kravjanský 5 years ago in iPad • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 5 years ago 3

When replacing selected character (or group of characters) with accented character using bluetooth keyboard, accent alone replaces the selection and following character is selected. If I continue writing, this selected character is replaced with accented version of last entered character.

For example if I want to change word "banan" into "banán" by selecting second "a", I will end up with word "ban'á".

Version 4.3

Will be fixed in the next update.


Adding a termianl to test java code

Hunter Cheramie 3 years ago in iPad 0
It would be nice to have a way to test out java code using a small internal terminal 

Is there comming a new Update?

Marino Schmid 5 years ago in iPad • updated 5 years ago 2

ENGLISH: Is there comming a new Update?

Deutsch: Kommt ein neues Update? Wenn ja ist ein Termin bekannt?


Will textastic open and allow edits to .xsd files on the ipad?

Chris Beattie 4 years ago in iPad • updated by Alexander Blach (Developer) 4 years ago 1