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I second that keyboard shortcuts would be amazing! Would love to have a "save" (upload to server) shortcut, "open" (aka Files), and a way to open the Symbols list (would be even cooler if keyboard focus went to Symbols & Files so I could arrow up/down to make a selection).

How about having a toggle button that will capture (hijack) the characters that are made while pressing the option(alt) key? For example, if I press option+s it generates the "ß" character. Obviously someone might want that character in their code but a toggle switch could deal with this.

I realize it might be bothersome to people to not have the normal "command+[key]" mapped properly, but "option+[key]" is, at least, a nice compromise to those of us who want to use a wireless keyboard.

This idea is implemented in iSSH.

Even if you don't impliment, you got a pretty sweet app here!