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I haven't tried in WSL, but in command prompt doing something like ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa username@hostname does let me connect successfully. I just tried it again to make sure. Is the way Textastic uses all the information I give it any different than doing that?

Hi Alexander,

I double checked the username spelling and asked the system administrator, and he told me that it's probably an issue with matching the key. I generated the key on my Windows PC and transferred the files to my iPad. He pointed out that the public key has the host name of my laptop at the end of the key. I looked it up and I thought that since it is separated by a space it essentially counts as a comment for the key, so it should not matter. Does anything about that seem wrong to you?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Alexander,

I tried it, and I am not sure what could be going on.

On the debug, it tries to connect, it connects to the server, then there's a line that says "Info SSH MD5 fingerprint:", then one stating the authentication methods available (publickey is one of them), then it says "Using SSH private key file" and the path of my private key, and then it gives me the same error: "SSH public authentication failed: Username/PublicKey combination invalid". Any idea if there's anything else I could try?

Thanks a lot for your help anyways.