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I’d like to return to this discussion - I would still gladly pay for the Textastic keyboard as a standalone Keyboard App.

It’s been 3 years, and we're all the way up to iOS 14 - there is still no developer keyboard as good as the one you developed for Textastic. I often find myself opening your app to type something, only to copy-paste it into another.

Various other iOS keyboards are out there, many of which do not conform to the base keyboard size - some are even larger than the Textastic keyboard (attached). The larger kb doesn't intrude on the design/experience in anything I use, and the extra row would be a welcome addition to many apps.

There are many generic keyboard templates available, so mimicing the full behavior of the iOS keyboard won't take the same haul as developing from scratch. Here is one of the more popular templates:

I sincerely hope you consider developing a standalone keyboard. One-touch access to numbers and punctuation is literally twice as productive as the current 2-or-3 tap that most other keyboards offer. I'd personally pay $15 for this as a standalone, but I imagine many folks would pay the normal $3 for a premium keyboard.