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That's not entirely true or helpful. Look at the simplest text editor - TextEdit, there's the usual "Save" and "Save As" no autosaving. Similarly, the legendary BBEdit and even Xcode doesn't save changes until you close the project or manually save. I honestly cannot think of any other decent code editor/IDE which autosaves changes as it's such a dangerous thing to do so I'm afraid I don't understand your reluctance to implement an obvious feature many of us really need. There are plenty of other code editors on iOS which don't autosave (wherever the files are located), but sadly they don't come close in terms of the other functionality of Textastic. Such a shame.

+1 this. I just purchased Textastic for iOS and cannot believe that autosave is the default and cannot be turned off. This is so dangerous when making changes to server based source code. There's nothing in the app description to warn you of this (rather non-standard) behaviour before purchasing, which is a little disappointing.