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We had this issue in Version 9.4.1. ....

... under special conditions with a hardware keyboard when pressing "cursor up/down", the editor would jump to the beginning or the end of the file.

Maybe the page up/down issue is related.

With a hardware keyboard when pressing "page up/down" the behaviour is the same .. the editor jumps to the end / beginning of the file. So scrolling page by page is not possible ...


Yes, Textastic is great ... but when using the apple magic keyboard (i.e. a bluetooth keyboard)

"page up" and "page down" do not work as expected ... and are not even otherwise accesible.

What is OK is as follows ....

cmd + up / down .... jumps to the beginning and to the end of a document => OK

What is NOT OK or deviates from the apple style guide is as follows ...

option + up / down ... just scrolls 1 line by the other ... => NOT OK

    this key combination should page  up / down !!

The behaviour that safari shows make more sense to me ... and I think special key combinations

should work similar in like situations no matter what the app is.


Using a bluetooth keyboard ...

The arrow keys only scroll one line by the other. That takes some time in larger documents.

To jump for- and backward quickly with "page up" and "page down" would be great.

It works perfectly in safari .... jump to beginning / end od document, page up+down ... ans od course scroll by line with the arrow key and ctrl, option, ... modifier keys.

So it should be possible to add that function to Textastic also.

What you think?


Is there an update to the feature?

The more pro the iPads go, the more sense makes this feature to be able to use page up/down.