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Marvelous! I (and probably other Japanese users) wish that works :)
Thanks for your quick response, but what a pity! Unfortunately, monospace fonts of Japanese does almost always mean fonts which Japanese characters are exactly twice as wide as Latin characters, not as same width. See for more details about the story.

Thus there's no hope finding fonts which both Japanese and Latin characters have the same width. The only cure for this problem without modifying your drawing code is... to create a own font, like we do for TextMate.

Probably you can use the ForMateKonaVe font, which is just made for TextMate to fulfill this purpose, available in here: ( for direct link). There's no explicit license for this font, but the font is composed from Konatsu ( and BitStream Vera ( and both of them are licensed under the free-to-use license. So I believe the deliverable should be free to use, too.

Or perhaps I can spend some time to compose an own font for the Textastic (if only I could...) , which is not that a difficult task. I mean, the Textastic is definitely one of the best text editor for iPad I've ever seen, and I'd like to write some HTML files with tons of Japanese character in them. I'd like to help you out to solve this matter :)

Oh actually I use the TextMate AND this hack on my Mac. Sounds promising. That's not the perfect solution, yet I know you can't spend so much effort just to support a minority language for us :) Thank you for quick response, I'm looking forward to the release!
With the Courier New font and the largest font size, I feel OK with this problem. Still it would be great if Japanese characters are render in double width rather than the same width to alphabets. like vim, emacs or eclipse. Usualy in code editor, we see Japanese with monospace font of double width.