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Alexander, thanks for the info.  I made a quick test project, and the “dependency” chain seems to be working ok.  Now, my guess is that it’s because the files aren’t on the local file system (I created files via Textastic on the local file system for the test project).  The project (that is not working) is in my Dropbox.  I’m able to open the files in Textastic, but my guess is that _import_ directives don’t know where to “look” for the file.
I say this because the .css file isn’t having an effect.  The two relevant lines are:

<link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href=“./diagrama.css”>
<script type=“module” src=“./diagrama.hs”></script>

I have both the linked files open in Textastic (by Using Open>Browse>Dropbox).

(FWIW, I’m unable to copy from Textastic and paste into the forum text editor via safari/iPad — also I lose the cursor in this text editor when I change focus)

 I did take a look at this document:

From what I gather from the above linked document, it should work.  Thoughts?



Hi Alexander, that’s likely a matter of perspective (especially is an environment as standards-free as JavaScript).  It (the html) did fail a few nit picky things like no <title> or <DOCTYPE> tags — but the page is rendering ok, so I don’t think these are the issue.  It’s not running JavaScript.  Does Textastic support es6 modules (I couldn’t find this in the docs)?  In particular, I have the following line in the html file:

<script type=“module” src=“./myScript.js”></script>

The ‘myScript.js’ file has es6 import directives.

Are you using WebKit to render html?  Under OSX, safari requires a webserver for es6 modules; otherwise it throws errors on the console.  However, I don’t get any output on the Textastic js console .. . .

Any ideas?


Chris Deckard

Seattle, wa