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I have a collection of miscellaneous text documents that I have saved in a "Personal Notes" folder.

One of the main reasons I have those files in Textastic is to remove any formatting.

For example if I copy some text from Gmail, it often has strange Gmail formatting that I want removed.

So by pasting them into Textastic, and saving them, then any HTML or other weird formatting will be removed.

The text will literally be the text that is shown on the Textastic editor.


Now I would like to SYNC all of the miscellaneous text documents in that "Personal Notes" folder into a mirrored "Personal Notes" folder in Google Drive.

Can that be set up?

So any time I ADD a new documnet, or EDIT an existing one, then those additions/changes will be updated into Google Drive?

Otherwise Textastic is amazingly simple to use. 

Very cool... a lot of work went into this!

I look forward to using it on my PHP and JS files as well.