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I am currently using ios 8.3

I am using textatic on ipad mini 2

I encounter the issue when uploading/overwriting via sftp.

After I selected "Yes" in the Overwite files alert
My editor lost the keyboard focus.

now I have used finger on the editor, and even changed the cursor location on the text. but the keyboard still not registering except the extra function key shortcut such as home or search.

I realized that the finger tap only works occationally. and I can see the menu being "reload" on my screen. (I can see the menu "flashing" if you wonder what I meant)

and refocusing keyboard by tapping on "File" to enter access the file again or enter "Preview" does seem to help with the refreshing the menu but it is not 100% .

Is there a way to make the textatic reload the local file automatically after uploading?

I tried again and it did not function correctly.

What i did was right after I typed something I Uploaded the file. after that, the keys became unresponsive. I finger tap the editor region and also changed the cursor location. and key are still not functioning. after tap on "Files" I observed the screen of app refreshed. It was after the refresh, I can type again.