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I'm not saying I don't believe you or trust you. I'm simply saying I have used compilers myself on iPhone and they have compiled just fine. In fact, the original C++/C Compiler in the App Store, even the developer notes "I've found a way to allow this app to compile, and Apple has accepted it. It will be released once I add in the additional requirements, since the compiler must run and preview within the app itself." 

Thanks! Will purchase.

As for "it doesn't include compilers or interpreters due to restrictions of iOS." That statement is invalid. I know about six programming compilers via the App Store for iPhone and they all work. I know they have restrictions, but Textastic is allowed to include compilers, assuming a developer knows how to build compilers on iPhone.

Okay, no worries. It's not a bad price, I just wanted to try it out first. I have two main questions, and having come over from Android, they may seem broad.

  1. What programming languges does this understand?
  2. This doesn't compile, right? As I see in some images, you can "Preview."

Is this supposed to be a compiler? I don't think so, but it's a similar idea, just a text editor with preview of code, right?