Your comments

First off, thanks for such a useful app!

I just wanted to also chime in that SFTP/SSH support would help me immensely in my day-to-day work.

If it's not already asking too much, might you *please* consider adding full support for public-key authentication, not just password auth? Many server admins will often configure their sshd services with pkey auth-only (i.e. p/w auth disabled) for security purposes. Sadly, a lot of iOS apps that support SSH don't go the added distance of supporting pkey-auth and thus their transfer features are of limited use (to me) for that reason.

Fwiw, I'm familiar enough with the underlying mechanisms of the SSH2 protocol to realize that this isn't a trivial request, and I know that there's already a competing app that offers this feature, but I feel that Textastic is a great app that would attract even more users if it supported full SSH authentication.

Anyway, thanks for listening even if the request isn't immediately possible.