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Sorry :). I have just tried it again myself and it is working now, but something failed the first few times, honest! Ah, maybe when I did it I actually hadn't made any real changes (or had made some but undone them) so that DropBox didn't count it as an update. That could have been it, though I am fairly sure I had made some changes at the time, but all my current tests are workng fine.

Sorry for wasting your time.
Thanks a lot for version 2. The DropBox & FTP support is great! One small thing however, is that it seems that "Upload This File" doesn't always save the file first. I have uploaded a file using this method, then checked using the DropBox website and the file was not updated. Selecting another file in Textastic and going back to the first one and reuploading it worked. It may just have been connection issues, but it did all look like it had worked, except that the upload didn't seem to take.

Uploading all changed files in one go would be great too!

Thanks again.