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Hi Alexander,

Thanks for the response.

Pythonista handles urls with user scripts, so the replace url handler would forward its arguments to the script you have written.  Actually my example is not quite right, because I don't think there's a way to pass named arguments (e.g. path), only positional arguments (with argv=...) that the receiving script interprets as it wishes.

I made a start at writing one, and then came unstuck when I realised that pushing a file to Textastic is currently a one way trip.



Thanks for the fast response.  I can use that to edit public files from my dropbox projects already.  Cool :)

Ultimately, instead of having to save them back manually after editing, and then reopen the edited version in the other app... I would like to be able to send my files from pythonista to textastic for editing, and get back the edited results automaticall. Something like this would be perfect:

textastic://x-callback-url/edit?x-source=Pythonista&x-success=pythonista://replace&text=<url encoded document body>&outputPath=path/

And textastic would make a local file to edit the body in that can be returned to pythonista constructing a callback url from the above:

pythonista://replace?path=path/<url encoded edited document body>

Might you consider something similar for a future version?