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Check out my Textastic-Customization repo over at github. I uploaded my json file there. Not sure if it's what you need, but if not you can always take a look inside and see what you can come up with ;)

I have had a similar problem, where the text in the magnifier is rotated 90 degrees. It happend the first time a few days ago and I was wondering what had caused this, since. At first I could not reproduce it but I have found a way now. There is an App in the Germean App Store called  "Meine Mensa" [I'm using the one for Halle (Saale)]. To get Textastic to do that stuff start by opening "Meine Mensa" this will rotate the Display 90 degrees. Then go to the Home screen and open Textastic. Hold the device in portrait mode (home button at the bottom) and tap to edit, then use the four/five finger swipe to change to "Meine Mensa" (do not change the device's orientation) then swipe up using four/five fingers to go back to Textastic. Now use the magnifying glass. I'm not sure if it will happen every time or on every device but it would happen quite a few times when I tried it. Find attached a screen shot of said behaviour after going through those steps.

Sorry, I should have been more clear about that. "\\([a-z]*)" is the encoded form of the regex, which should detect a single backslash followed by an arbitrary amount of letters, which is the form of a LaTeX keyword. Am I missing something here?

Is it possible backslashes prevent code completion? No matter how I set up my regex it does not seem to match. I set up a completionSet called "latex.keywords" and added a few basic latex keywords to it, like \begin{, \end{, \usepackage{... Then I created a context, set its scope to "text.tex.latex" and the completionSetNames array to only contain "latex.keywords", but no matter how I set up my regex it does not seem to match. I tried "\\([a-z]*)" (among others) to detect a backslash followed by a sequence of letters, which should match for example \beg so Textastic should suggest inserting \begin{ but nothing happens. Any clue what might cause this?

Thanks for your quick answer! Seems I'm just a bit too stupid for that kind of stuff ;) I'll play around with it some more :)